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A set of 3 commercials, presenting three different items made by a premium quality kinky furniture brand.

My task was to create videos, that would transform certain taboos into exciting stories and show products in a different light. I chose a bright, sleek environment with a hint of an exhibition space, so that, instead of being stereotypicaly dark and rough, the products would appear as glamorous and inviting pieces of art.

Selected models were dressed in handmade pieces by a Berlin based costume designer Leonard Condemine.


A video commercial for the Berlin based attitude and fashion brand KURT PRYNNE. The goal was to present main statements of the brand and, for the first time, reveal it's alter ego - a guy named KURT.

The idea was to have an array of rapidly changing events, switching between dark and bright environments, representing opposing sides of the main character, and also black & white collections, embroidered with core statements of the brand.

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