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For two years in a row, 2019 and 2020, I was invited to creatively direct one of the biggest events in Lithuania - THE PEOPLE awards.


I was in charge of  creating a fresh new face of the show and developing it further the following year. I established visual layouts for stage design, motion graphics and styling as well as guidelines for story-telling. I was also managing artist selection, script writing and directed music performances.

During the process, I curated a team of visual artists, light technicians, choreographers, stylists and set designers.


In collaboration with EURONICS GROUP I have co-created an award ceremony format TECHTOP AWARDS, dedicated entirely to technology innovations. Since then, for 7 consecutive years, the TECHTOP AWARDS have been aired as a prime-time show and become one of the biggest anticipations of the year.

As a creative director, each year I was guiding my creative team towards finding unique aesthetics and ideas to develop the TECHTOP AWARDS brand. From old-school futurism and dystopian future to living in harmony with nature and joining a colorful family of superheroes.

During the development process, I curated teams of set-design, visuals, styling and choreography, while also working hand-in-hand with TV broadcast crew.

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