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The worldwide popular show I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE is all about entertainment, good music, big money prizes and... terrible singers!

I was invited to cast and select 60 performers for a total of 10 episodes of the season. Performers were then coached by me in stage presence, body language, choreography, microphone etiquette and working with cameras. Only  a small portion of contestants were real singers, while the rest of the crew consisted of actors, dancers or simply great personalities.

I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE is a one-of-the-kind TV format, where a lucky studio guest can win big money prize if they guess correctly, which on-stage performer is actually a good singer.


During 7 seasons of creative-directing THE VOICE - one of the most famous music reality formats, broadcasted in 145 countries across the Globe - I worked with TALPA MEDIA company to bring, adapt and integrate the format into local market as one of the most anticipated TV shows.

Each season I shared my on & off stage experience with over 400 talents, coaching them in on-stage presence,  choreography execution and working with cameras,. I also directed performances for guest acts and all of the LIVE SHOWS. The process included curating set design, light design and styling teams.

I have directed THE VOICE OF LITHUANIA for 7 years.


A worldwide TV show phenomenon DANCE REVOLUTION,, known for it's innovative 360 video capture technology, invited me to be in charge of directing performances and adjust creative content to the 360 tech possibilities.

During the season, I also choreographed opening acts, consulted co-choreographers and coached contestants in performance production and on-stage story telling.

TV format has achieved great feedback in Baltics/Lithuania, right after its Canadian release.

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