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Fast & Free, Immersive Party

Client: LNK TV

Agency: Wonder Architects

Creative Director: Šarūnas Kirdeikis

Theme: Speed, Racing & Techno

Season's opening event for a national TV channel and their clients. 

The goal was to create an immersive show, that involves the audience into the action and makes them the engine of the performance. I created a "no-stage" concept and directed a 2-parts/2-hours long show, adapting it to a unique and challenging location - an oval taxi parking-lot with a high vertical space and 360 viewing angle.

I directed and choreographed the show, coached dancers and performers in audience engagement and stunts, conducted rehearsals and creatively directed tech and styling teams.

Cyber City launch

Client: Tesonet

Agency: STORM studio

Creative Director: Šarūnas Kirdeikis

Theme: Space Expedition

Photos: A.Kačerauskas, K.Rybelytė

Grand opening of a new business district, built by cyber security giant Tesonet. 

The goal was to create an indoors/outdoors event with an opening ceremony, representing the next step in company's development - union of all the departments in one location - in fun and entertaining manner.

I created the concept, coached actors and dancers in scripted audience engagements, conducted rehearsals and creatively directed tech and style teams.

GTA Theme Party, TESONET

Client: Tesonet

Agency: STORM studio

Creative Director: Šarūnas Kirdeikis

Theme: Grand Theft Auto video game

The goal was to create an immersive party environment with interactive engagements and a story line, based on a worldwide famous video game for over 1500 visitors. Including visually recognizable spaces, voice narrated story and series of live action events, stunts and choreographed performances, spatially placed throughout the evening. 

I created the concept, structured  the system of events and coached  crew members in particular movement, nuanced speech and computer-like scripted engagements. I also conducted rehearsals and creatively directed tech and style teams.


An Immersive Explorative Game for electronic music & art festival YAGA.

The goal was to create a haven with an interactive environment for 3000 visitors to recharge and restore their emotional, physical and spiritual well being.


Together with a team of over 50 performers, healers and shamans I've established an explorative system with a unanimous storyline. It revolved around three healing departments - Corpus Salinarum, Corpus Sulphur, Corpus Mercurii - that have send their best healers into hidden places of the forest of YAGA. In order to receive their knowledge & healing, visitors had to embark on a journey to find them.


An interactive play for 500 guests, transforming a networking event into an immersive theater experience.

I adapted a storyline of MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM to be played in 7 different locations, situated in a late 19th century residential manor. The story was played through performances of over 50 actors, dancers and musicians. The guests were invited to an environment without a defined stage, where series of scripted events happened simultaneously within the audience itself.

I also curated a team of set and light designers, stylists, makeup artists, choreographers and visual artists.


YAGA festival of Electronic music and modern rituals has been attracting broad audiences for 16 years in a row.

In 2021 I was invited to create and direct a new layer of experiences - an immersive game within the festival, based on a theme SECRET SOCIETIES.

I was responsible for creating a system that engaged festival attendees to join the game from the moment they purchased a ticket, to arrival, to when they left festival's territory. I have built and directed a 3-day scenario, filled with quests and custom tailored experiences for over 3000 attendees.

I was also managing a team of 50 creatives, actors and coordinators, coaching them in audience engagement and storytelling.